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Is this Leylandii? Should I be worried?

ManderMander Posts: 335
I have this huge beast of a tree that I don't know what to do with. It has a peculiar shape because it is up against the fence and it would be nice to get someone in to cut that wonky side back but I wonder if I should look at having it removed completely. My amateur efforts to identify it suggest it is the dreaded leylandii. It is a good place for birds but nothing grows around it and it is overly large for this setting, I think. Any suggestions on what I should do with it? I'm thinking of creating a little rockery with perhaps some hidden containers directly in front of it so I'm not always looking at bare ground. 


  • It looks like leylandii to me. If so then it will be 30 feet taller in ten years, and much wider. In 20 years.....
    I would have it removed and plant something nice instead.
  • OmoriOmori Posts: 1,673
    Yes that's Leylandii.  I would wait until nesting season is over, and then have it removed, otherwise it will get very large. 
  • ManderMander Posts: 335
    I was afraid you'd say that. I have just been looking at possible prices for getting it removed and ouch! The access is terrible and if it went straight over it would do a lot of damage. Any ideas for reducing it myself? Though I suspect it is far too large to deal with safely.
  • OmoriOmori Posts: 1,673
    If removing it is not an option, you could reduce the height by 1/3, and then keep it at that height.  Also make sure to do yearly trimmings of the sides to keep it in shape, making sure not to go into brown wood as it won't regrow and you'll be faced with ugly brown sticks.  Just keep in mind that despite this, it will get wider over time.  Also, despite what people say, you can grow things around Leylandii but it does require extra compensation in the form of water, food, and bringing in compost etc.  Obviously not ideal but would be making the most of a bad situation, so to least Leylandii provide year round cover for birds (although there are better options if you were to start from scratch).
  • TheveggardenerTheveggardener Posts: 1,057
    Agree with Alan Clark2 in Liverpool looks like a Leylandii. The people over the back to us have one and although they keep their side nice and tidy we can't reach it on our side and it is well over grown. The whole of the tree has Ivy and Russian Vine growing through it and is a total nightmare. Below is a picture of what I have to try and get down, the foliage hanging down is the Russian Vine which has invaded our garden. You can see how much it grows out, in fact it got into our shed and started to lift the roof. I would take it out and find a nice tree to have in your garden.
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