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Lawn grass growing yellow help

Hi All

Very new to gardening following a new house move last year which has 2 quite large lawns. As it was July when I moved in both were completely yellow and dead (i was told) so did not know their condition. Despite being dead I watered and fed the grass and surprisingly it came back green again. I did notice a lot of moss and how springy it became so this spring i spent hours with a scarifier and rake followed with over seeding and sand loam top dressing. 

Results have been overall ok with some dead patches on the larger rear lawn and front.
The front has grown better despite the odd dead patch and I have limed it since due to acidity. 
Rear lawn has grown but is quite patchy with good new growth in place but other areas grow much more slowly and have lots of areas where the grass is mixed with good new growth mixed in with what appears to be yellow grass from base to stem which is pretty noticeable.

I have done some googling but getting mixed reasons. A pic is below if it helps.
I would be grateful for any advice.

Thanks in advance.


  • First, mow your grass up to one-third of its height. Your older grass may have created fungal infection which is affecting the growth of new one in few areas. So, remove the older grass from scratch. Following, water your lawn regularly. Also, you can seek professional help for lawn maintenance

  • dallseydallsey Posts: 2
    Thanks Bate.

    I have been doing the mowing since spring at 1 third and recently watering hasnt been a problem with the weather. It looks like the older grass which has remained following scarifying, and must have deeper roots, has the problem. I was thinking it must be the soil. I even thought the prolonged rain might be the cause? It is the old stuff which isnt growing at the same pace as the new?

    I was told to water once per week for a deep soaking which is the regime i have started since the rain stopped but problem has started since before that.

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