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Dead daucus

I'd appreciate any advice about why nearly all my Daucus Carota died this year. I grew them successfully last year and a self seeded one in a 2nd bed grew well this year but those sown in my main bed have all died. At first I assumed I had underwatered them, as it started during the hot spell earlier in the year and they appeared to have wilted but they didn't recover with watering. They were in 2 groups in different areas of the bed, each with different soil conditions as half of the bed was newly created. I had transplanted half of each group from self seeders that were already growing well, even though I knew that transplanting might not be successful as the plants have a long tap root. The other half of each group were raised from seed this year.
We have a west facing garden with decent drainage. Each group was fairly exposed as the bed is being newly planted so not much shade or shelter. My fear is that it may be carrot root fly as the roots seemed to have vanished when I pulled them up and there were a lot of small flies on the paving where I had set the dead plants down.
If this is the case, are my other umbellifer seedlings in danger in the rest of the bed and will I be able to plant Daucus again? The other seedlings are 1 - 3ft away approximately.
Thanks in anticipation and apologies for the long explanation!
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