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Help Please - Gunnera Manicata Leaves Turning Upside Down!

I have had a Gunnera Manicata for about 4 years now, and it is in a nice shady spot of my garden.  It gets adequate water, but when we have a string of hot days I do need to give it extra water to prevent - or correct! - drooping leaves.  This year it has grown well again, except that this Spring a couple of the stalks near the bottom twisted, making the leaves turn upside down.  I managed to encourage one to turn back upright, and ended up removing the other. 

Just today I noticed two more leaves (again near the bottom) have turned upside down, causing them to look "droopy" and not particularly attractive since all I can see is the lighter under-side of the leaves.  I don't know what is causing this.  Temperatures have been mild, the ground has been consistently damp, there are no signs of insect or slug damage to the plant, and the leaves in the center seem to be upright and healthy. 

Has anyone else had this problem, or know what to do to correct or prevent this from happening?  Thank you!


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    Hi and welcome :)

    Could we see some photos of the plant please

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    Here's a photo where you can see two of the lower leaves that have flipped over.  Thanks for your interest in helping!

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    I've seen these growing very happily in full sun but at water's edge so I suspect your problem is a lack of moisture at the roots.   As it gets bigger every year - in theory - it wll need more and more moisture so I think you need to consider making a bog garden for this plant and you can then add other moisture loving marginals.

    You'll need to dig a large, deep hole, line it with porous plastic - old compost bags cut open and speared with a garden fork will do - then lob in some charcoal to keep it sweet and backfill with teh soil your removed.   Transplant your gunnera and water well.   Best done when dormant after the leaves die back in autumn so its roots can recover without having the challenge of maintaining the top growth.  
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