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Tree Peony

LynfromSeaLynfromSea Posts: 116
Hoping someone can give me more excellent advice on another little problem in the garden. My beautiful white tree peony was badly affected by the frost in the spring. The only time I didn’t protect it the weather forecast got it completely wrong. So I only had one bloom and the leaves are completely burnt and looking very ugly. However there is healthy new growth appearing at the bottom so the question is do I cut it down to the new growth or leave it for now? 


  • SheleenSheleen Posts: 51
    My nan always advised to trim off any dead wood on a tree peony... but usually did it in early spring. Never trim below a viable bud - only prune dead wood. I'm sure there are experts who will advise better than I :)
  • LynfromSeaLynfromSea Posts: 116
    Thank you Phillippa. I’ve just completed the task!
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