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Hateful Honey Fungus

Honey Fungus is creeping through my front border.  So far it has killed a passion flower vine, a viburnum snowball, a broom and it's now tucking into my Photonia Red Robin.  I've moved my Anastasia rose bush (which was in wonderful full bloom and is now looking sorry for itself) into a quarantine pot.  In its path is another Red Robin and a huge pittosporum which I'd be very sad to lose.  I've dug up and destroyed the dead woody shrubs, replacing them with perennials.  I know this monster is extremely difficult to control - has anyone had any success?  Our soil is heavy clay, and perhaps there's no alternative but to dig down as far as we can across its path and insert plywood barriers.  Has anyone any experience of this?  If it reaches the end of the border it will need to travel underneath our tarmac drive for about five yards to reach new food.  Can it do this?  All advice gratefully received.
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