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Honey Berry

I have a 6 year old, beautiful honey berry but it has never fruited.  It is planned next to blue berries which are supposed to be pollinator partners, so I am baffled.  Can anyone help?  Thanks, Di


  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Posts: 11,384
    I've grown these and the main problem is pollination as they flower in late winter when there are few pollinators about.  You also need more then one plant and preferably a different cultivar as they aren't self-pollinating.  I had 4 plants, 2 lots of 2 from different suppliers to raise the chances.  I did get fruit but wasn't impressed but that may be because I couldn't plant them in full sun which they really need to grow well.  I'd get yourself another plant or two and put them somewhere fairly near.
    PS: they taste a bit like blueberry but are unrelated so can't pollinate with those.
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  • Diane239Diane239 Posts: 2
    Thanks so much Bob, I'll get another one and see what happens!
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