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sturdy perovskia?

dominia30dominia30 Posts: 23
Has anyone managed to grow a non-floppy perovskia? I've tried Little Spire without success. There are a few new compact varieties out but mostly not available in the UK.


  • Mine aren't floppy :). They stay upright all through the winter. 
    You need to be ruthless with the pruning though. Wait till new growth at the starts in spring then cut almost to ground.
    Then do a Chelsea chop when there's 12 inches or so of growth, leaving a couple of inches.
    You have to wait a bit longer for a good display but it's worth it to have sturdy plants. 
  • dominia30dominia30 Posts: 23
    That's really helpful, Terri, thanks. I'll try that next year!
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