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Jacksons, Grange, or Forest fencing?

Hi there,

I joined this forum to solicit advice regarding a garden fence.  I'm willing to pay a premium for a better quality fence.  I am attracted to Jacksons fencing as it looks like a quality product (I am considering their horizontal hit and miss fencing), and their fencing appears to get very good reviews.  They offer a 25 year guarantee (against rot and insect attack) and say that their fencing has been pressure treated utilising their own trademarked process (  They also say that their fencing doesn't need further treatment (staining, painting, etc.).  This appeals to me although I do feel that despite their 25 year guarantee, no additional aftercare may compromise the longer term future of the fencing, despite their claims.  One customer states that the fencing weathers to a nice silver grey.  The other two fencing manufacturers mentioned in my header pressure treat their fencing and offer a 20 year guarantee (Grange) and 15 year guarantee (Forest).  Both Grange and Forest do the same style of fence,  and I also like the Grange's contemporary Vogue panel, which appears to get good reviews.  Forest fencing gets some poor reviews over interminable quality.  Both Grange and Forest are cheaper than Jacksons, in some cases by over a thousand pounds.  Strangely, a lot of Grange's fencing is currently out of stock in a lot of online shops.  Is it worth paying such a premium for Jacksons (better quality?, longer guarantee, promises of not having to treat), or does anyone have experience of the other two brands?  Grange has got back to me and said that their fences being pressure treated it is up to the customer whether to further treat the fence, as long as I follow the instructions to keep the warranty valid.  I haven't heard back from Forest.

Many thanks in advance for any input.


  • I don't know about their fencing @tricky_morton , we have two Jackson's gates and they are as good as the day they were fitted - 5 or 6 years ago.  We are jut about to purchase some Jackson's  fencing/posts so we are expecting them to be of similar good quality - yes they are slightly more expensive, but the guarantee and quality is far above anything else on the market.  No I am not related to any Jackson staff.
  • We have a Jackson's acoustic fence which was installed about 10 years ago and is still in very good shape. We haven't treated it at all since installation. This photo makes it look uneven but it isn't - it's just that the planks have weathered to different shades.

  • Thanks to both @Guernsey_Donkey2 and @Singing Gardener for your input.  Could I ask @Singing Gardener, how long did it take for your fence to weather?  You've got a lovely garden by the way.
  • Nanny BeachNanny Beach Posts: 8,717
    yes, I want to come and sing in your garden! Forest IS rubbish.
  • @tricky_morton The fence has weathered gradually over the years but maybe took 3 or 4 years before it stopped looking brand new. It's probably much more dominant than a "normal" fence because it's very tall to cut out noise from our adjacent A road. This is a streetview link - you can change the year to look at the difference.,0.239206,3a,75y,131.17h,86.49t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sBZUWU3D-7l3zcTU3c0X2vQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

    @Nanny Beach you can come and sing in my garden any time - I actually don't very often although we're quite isolated but on a main road so I worry that passing cars might be distressed if they hear me!
  • molamhmolamh Posts: 8
    I realise this post was written over a year ago now, but came across it in my research about acoustic fences.

    @Singing Gardener since installing your Jackson acoustic fence, did you hear a noticeable difference in traffic noise after the fence was installed? Thanks!
  • @craigogrady1 It made a massive difference initially and is still a lot better than the hedge that was there before (which had minimal sound insulation effect). We are on a slope and have had problems with the soil washing down onto the road leaving gaps under the fence which reduces the noise reduction. We're planning to put in some sort of barrier below the fence and top up with topsoil this winter so hopefully this will improve the situation.
  • molamhmolamh Posts: 8
    Thanks @Singing Gardener for the reply! Glad to hear that you found it an improvement. 

    I emailed Jackson Acoustic to enquire about their acoustic fence. They replied advising I get a sound engineer first to access the area where the fence will be installed. Is this something you had to do too?

  • @craigogrady1. I'm not sure. We did have someone round to advise on the best solution but I thought he was from Jackson's. I'll check with OH when he gets back.
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