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Weed or plant?

Recently seeing this growing through the patio and generally in my Borders and belie e it is a weed but need help to identify it. The stalk is read and tiny yellow pollen is appearing in the leaves at the top 


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 82,174
    edited June 2019
    Hello and welcome 😊 

    It’s Euphorbia lathyris ... aka Caper Spurge.

    It’s a garden plant but can become a nuisance/weed as it self-seeds all over the place. 

    If you’re going to pull it up or cut it down please wear long sleeves and gloves as if the milky sap gets on your skin it can cause nasty burns.

    Also please don’t let if get in your eyes of run your eyes with your fingers after touching it ... a regular on this board needed hospital treatment after getting the sap in her eyes. 

    Notwithstanding all the above, it can be a handsome architectural plant in the right place. I quite like it. 😊 
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