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Senecio angel wings orange spots? Can anyone identify what this is caused by?


  • LadyG2LadyG2 Posts: 29
    It is rust spots caused by fungus.
    Remove the effected and any dead leaves. Give it healthy growing conditions in fresh soil but avoid too much nitrogen fertiliser as this encourages new growth which could also become infected this season.

  • Hi I'm a budding gardener, helping a neighbour with their garden and am new to the forum in the hope that I can gather much needed advice.
    The problem is that Senecio angels wings is growing in the ground in a very narrow strip of soil at the bottom of a fence.  There are clematis  & passionflower planted behind the senecio to grow up the fence.  Historically, the clematis etc have not been growing well because the soil is extremely dry - the area has full sun for most of the day and the senecio has thrived - it's massive.
    I have been watering and feeding the clematis etc to encourage growth and now the senecio has orange fungus! 
    Can both co-exist happily or would it make sense to remove the sencio and replant elsewhere or put in a pot?  My initial thought was to remove it but I'm nervous to do this without seeking more advice. 
    Thank you all in advance.


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