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Variety ID of this Perennial Foxglove please ?

Hi all.


I am trying to find out the variety of this Foxglove and I wondered if anyone on here may be able to point me in the right direction.


I got it two years ago as a young plant at a local plant swap and it was labelled simply as "Perennial Foxglove".


Last year it grew well and produced a few flower spikes but this year it has gone mad and, well you can see from the photo, it is lovely.


As I know nothing about it I am keen to find out how long it may live, how to propagate it and so on... I am also desperate to find out what aspect it likes to be grown in (full sun, full shade, part shade and so on). As you may see from the pictures, the top of the flower spikes are hanging down which maybe something that is natural. They may straighten as the blooms open but I want to be sure as I don't remember the spikes doing this last year (not to say they didn't of course).

Any info very much appreciated.


Many thanks all.


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