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Shasta Daisy Problem Pests!!

I planted some beautiful Shasta Daisies yesterday that I bought from the local nursery and now they are covered in little black flying beetle like insects!!! I’ve blasted them off with a hose but is this a problem with these large daisies. I don't use pesticides in the garden as I have a lot of wildlife that I enjoy seeing. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks 


  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,149
    They are probably pollen beetles. Not much you can do about them really. They cover flowers, washing, yellow clothing at this time of year but they don't damage the plants.
  • Sunbeam17Sunbeam17 Posts: 21

  • Sunbeam17Sunbeam17 Posts: 21
    Thank you Ceres, you’ve put my mind at rest! 
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