Clematis die back and Rebecc clematis

KtnichollKtnicholl StaffordPosts: 4
i have a Rebecca clematis in a very large pot, slate topping in a place where other pots keep the pot cool. Every year in April I get a real show of flowers ...then the trouble starts. I’ve had it four five years. Mildew and then die back. My sisters in Devon does the same. Last year I cut it to the base and off it went again, with a feed, vigorous growth and flowered again. This year the same just dead after the first flush dry and crisp. I feed it and water it. Any idea why these seem to be susceptible? I’m on the brink of getting rid. Only other thing is to repot? Any ideas? 


  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 28,188
    How big is the pot? It would need a big pot so that you can keep it well enough hydrated. They need copious amounts of  water, and even in a normal summer, it would need watering every day. If pots get dried out, they're difficult to reydrate, and that's when mildew can get a hold. 
    Keep it in a shadier spot too, as it will help prevent moisture loss, especially after flowering, to let it recover again. 
    Clematis get large root runs when they're mature, so it's likely that the pot has a lot of roots and not enough soil to sustain it. Are you replacing some of the soil each year? It also needs to be largely soil based compost and not just compost alone. 
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  • Best to chop it hard back every February, get flowers on new wood, July to September. Give it plenty of water.
  • KtnichollKtnicholl StaffordPosts: 4
    Fairygirl. It’s is. A large square pot. It’s watered every night. Fed. I moved it into a sheltered spot with hostas in pots in front. I’ve cut it back again hard and fed it again. Next if it survives il change the company that sthe only thing I haven’t tried. Thanks 
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