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Can I save this rose bush?

Hi all,

This rose bush is very old and most of the stems are over two meters tall. 

The tall stems are all old wood. There are 2-3 shorter stems of new growth from the ground. All stems still flower. 

I need to reduce its height but don’t want to kill it off as I love the flowers it produces. 

Any recommendations? 

Also can anyone ID it? 

Thanks everyone! 


  • I had a similar issue for a client with an old rose. They needed it reduced. I cut the rose back to the height needed and within a year it had fully recovered and produced new shoots all over. They are very resilient. It flowers even better now. 
  • OmoriOmori North YorkshirePosts: 1,659
    Would be helpful to see a picture further back of the whole plant if possible?
  • I’ll get a photo up soon. I hope I can save it! 
  • I know the bay tree is well dead! 
  • OmoriOmori North YorkshirePosts: 1,659
    It could be a rose called Arthur Bell.  If so, this looks to be the climbing variety.  
    If you scroll down to the bit about renovating an overgrown rose, here:

    You will need to provide some support for it to grow on, this video may help:
  • Thanks for all your comments!

    The stems are quite thick. More than double a pencil thickness. Is it definitely a climber? 

    Is it best to wait till autumn to cut it it back? If I remember rightly it flowers well into September. 
  • Totally agree with will definitely grow back
  • OmoriOmori North YorkshirePosts: 1,659
    Climbers have both thick stems and thinner stems.  If it was my rose, I would put in some wire supports along the wall and train the stems along them.  I'm not sure how flexible those canes are right now, if they're not bendy enough to train I would cut it back this winter and then re-train the canes next year when it regrows.  You'll have a healthier rose as the stems won't be crossing and rubbing each other, and you'll get more flowers as well from the side shoots that will form along the trained canes.

    If you scroll down to the section on training, this is how I would do it:

  • That’s brill. I’ll wait till winter.

    There are some new smaller shoots. Should I cut those back as well? 

    I can’t really put any thing into the wall support wise as it’s not my wall. I will try and use garden canes. 
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