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Bidens Flowers Being Devoured, Possibly by Things that Look Like Book Mites?

I've been growing trailing yellow bidens in my planter-garden for the last twelve summers  and they've always proved to be as tough as old boots, with no issues of any kind whatever. But I've just found that five of this year's plants are in the process of losing their flowers to something that's steadily eating the petals from the edges inwards (possibly because the edges are the tastiest part).  The only life-forms I can see on the flowers are wee critters that look a lot like book mites, but I can't find any mention at all of a pest which feeds on bidens flowers and which looks anything like a micro-woodlouse.

I use slug nematodes every month from March onwards and I re-nematoded my containers just six days ago, so I can't see that slugs or snails can be to blame and anyway my bidens plants never even suffered from slugs etc. back in the days when I took no slug precautions whatever, so I feel I can rule them out completely. Besides, it's only the petals that are being eaten, never the leaves.

Could any of you Einsteins possibly offer me solution to this problem  -  or even an explanation for what on Earth is going on here?

Many thanks.


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  • dmacquedmacque Posts: 3
    Couldn't see any earwigs, but I take your point. In desperation, I first tried spraying all my bidens plants with water/white vinegar solution, then later on I sprayed them (and the surrounding soil) with Wilko Home Flea Spray Plus.  This miraculously appeared to do the trick and now the plants are flourishing again. As for whether it was the water/vinegar or the insect spray that did the trick, I have no idea. Bit of a lucky fluke, really.
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