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Clematis change of colour

my sister bought us a Clematis for our Ruby wedding .. it was a Beautiful dark red/purple colour  .. that was   4 years ago now it has some red/purple colour but a lot of green on the flower as well  .. hats gone wrong ?


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,634
    I looked this up on the RHS website and they give one of two possible causes.  The first is that it was unusually cold during the period of flower formation.   This is unsightly but not harmful.

    The other possibility is a phytoplasma which is untreatable and can spread to other clematis so the original sufferer needs to be removed and destroyed.

    Have a look at this info on the RHS site - 
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  • Thank you for that info ..
    it’s been very cold these last months .. the wind has been mostly coming from the nort so that could well be the reason 
    thank you so much 
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