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Callicarpa bodinieri 'Profusion' - Beauty Berry Leaf Yellowing

I have 2 Callicarpa bodinieri 'Profusion' growing in clay pots which I only purchased last winter from Tesco. They looked fine and healthy when I bought them. After replanting them in larger pots (in April) I have fed them with Growchar and some neem cake. Since then one of them is doing well while the other one is rather poor in comparison. The colour looks yellow-ish and the leaves have green veins. It also hasn't grown as much as the second one. Both of them had exactly the same treatment, I believe. Maybe I used different potting soils, as I had several bags from different brands - not sure. The visible difference in the soil is that the yellow one has some sort of algae growing in the soil at the bottom of the trunk (since winter). I didn't remove it because I thought it might be some sort of symbiosis and it will dry off in summer, but it hasn't so far. I tested the soil PH which was 5.5.-6. Any advice on what is causing the unhealthy foliage?

Many thanks!


  • jucati1198jucati1198 Posts: 56
    That's the affected plant That's the affected plant
  • jucati1198jucati1198 Posts: 56
    Two in comparison 
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    The stuff on the surface of the soil is a combination of moss and Liverwort (a type of algae). Both are indicators of poor drainage and a shady situation so I suspect these may be causing problems for your plant. 

    They like moist but freedraining soil so I would repot and incorporate a generous amount of horticultural grit into the potting mix. 

    They also respond well to long hot summers and sunshine ... I suspect you have them in too shady a spot so Id move them into the sunshine but don’t let the compost dry out. 

    Hope that helps 😊 

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  • jucati1198jucati1198 Posts: 56
    Thank you Dovefromabove! I will repot them :blush:
  • I was just about to post a similar query … 2 plants, same pots, standing alongside each other … one is thriving and the other is dying off with the leaves now going brown and shrivelled. In my case the one dying is the one that gets the most sun in the spot they are located … Anyone got any other suggestions ? 
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  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 54,353
    Probably very dry @PatsyFagan:)
    Really need a photo and more info though
    It's a place where beautiful isn't enough of a word....

    I live in west central Scotland - not where that photo is...
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    Re the leaf yellowing, I would also take care not to "overfeed"; too much of certain trace elements can make iron unavailable to the plant, which causes chlorosis.
  • Fairygirl said:
    Probably very dry @PatsyFagan:)
    Really need a photo and more info though

    thanks …. I don't think this will be the case in the last couple of weeks though ;) Both pots are housed on the north side of my house and only get morning sun. One is now bare of leaves, although the berries are still clinging on.  
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  • I have two CALLICARPA BODINIERI 'Profusion' which are looking very sorry for themselves. I'm learning as I go where gardening is concerned but I planted these in a sunny spot, made sure I watered them through the hot weather. They've had plant food. I'm wondering if they don't like the soil? Was considering replanting them with sand? However I have no idea, advice would be great received. 
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    They do look sorry for themselves I think they are planted too close to the wall/fence and far too close together - these are big bushes when mature and can reach up to 2 metres high x 1 metre wide quite quickly.
     I would take the really dead looking one out and plant it elsewhere if you've got room and keep your fingers crossed. Dig up and replant the other at least 30/40 cms away from the fence if you can. Keep it well watered - 2 watering cans full twice a week in hot weather but don't feed it anymore. The soil looks okay, don't add sand.
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