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Tulip bulbs have divided

Hello. I’ve decided to lift my tulips (first time doing this) and store them over summer in the hope of getting a good display from them next summer. I deadheaded after they flowered and have fed them. I waited until tonight when they were yellow and dry to lift the bulbs. However it seems like quite a few of the bulbs have divided and as a result are quite small. Will it be ok to replant these in autumn or has something gone wrong? I can’t be bothered to dry them out, store and replant if they are not going to make it! Should I just bother with the big ones? Thanks! 


  • BiljeBilje Posts: 754
    I lift and store tulip bulbs that have been in pots, any planted in the garden are left to get on with it. Some of the garden ones flourish some die away after a couple of years I think it depends on the variety. 
    Again some varieties seem to split more than others. I store all sizes of the potted bulbs and replant in November at that point I plant the largest ones first and pop small ones in between. Really tiny ones I scrap although I'm always sad to do it! 
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