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I.D This Poppy Please?

SheleenSheleen Posts: 51
I think I mentioned that since the building work has finished on our house, I have poppies sprouting everywhere - many look like pink pom-poms, and then this one popped open...In real life, its slightly more lilac/mauve in colour - but very pale nonetheless. I have seeds of "Blackberry Fizz" that I only put down this year... but have never seen a 'fizz' variety this pale - does anyone know what variety this is?
Many Thanks.


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,538
    Papaver somniferum..opium poppies... very promiscuous depending on the bees, there is likely to be some variation.
  • SheleenSheleen Posts: 51
    Thank you both... I'm hoping to save the seeds and sow more for next year - Having these poppies sprouting everywhere is the silver lining in the grey cloud of having to have so much building work done :)
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