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Red rose plant

JancreedyJancreedy Posts: 21
a friend has a red rose, climber I think, and it produces rings of blooms. I asked her its name and was told it was a " ring o roses plant" it was there when she got the house. Has anyone any idea where to get one. Failing that I will try to take a cutting, always supposing it will grow "true".


  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,516
    It's difficult to identify roses, especially without a photo, as there a loads that look vaguely similar so unless you have a definite name, you are either going to have to take a cutting or buy something that would make a good substitute.
    The cutting will come true as far as the flowers are concerned but if the plant has been grafted onto rootstock, then you have no way of knowing if your cutting will develop into a neat plant or something rampant.
  • JancreedyJancreedy Posts: 21
    Thankyou I will give it a try
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