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Please help my roderdendrum

d4go2ud4go2u Posts: 12
White Roderdendrum .these were my mothers but she passed really quickly last September. I had her prized 2 roddys. Other one is growing new leaves so i no its doing fine had a couple of flowers on it  but i put it down to moving and changing  soil . But this one very sad too see it like this heartbreaking .same situation  changed soil same position  in sun watered the same everything but brown leaves  looks nearly dead . Do i cut right back  or treat it or just leave until end of year too see what happens .need some advice because  its part of my mother thankyou any help would be gratefull .x


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,522
    It need to be potted in to ericaceous compost. This will be labelled as such at the garden centre.  Normal compost with lime in it will kill it.   Repot it and then feed it once a week with Miracle grow for acid lovers, or a fertiliser specifically labelled for Rhododendrons and azaleas. Make sure it is watered well, but allowed to drain off, and keep it out of direct sunshine until it recovers.
  • d4go2ud4go2u Posts: 12
    It was re potted with ericaceous compost same as the other one i have but this one i posted isnt happy . going brown  rusty leaves which are falling off .my other one is growing new leaves and looking healthy  but i think this might have a problem of some sorts. Thankyou for the advice ive moved it into shade see  what happens .i dont no what sort of roddy it is as i cant ask my mom as she has passed away but she had to wait a while for it to come  but thankyou 
  • josusa47josusa47 Posts: 3,531
    These acid-loving plants usually do better with rain water rather than tap water, just in case you didn't know.  Are you rhodies in the open where rain can fall on them?  Can you put out a bucket to catch rainwater which you can save for dry spells?
  • RubytooRubytoo Posts: 1,307
    Did you check what the roots were like?

    The other thing I wonder is if it could be something called red spider mite.
    The leaf speckling is like we used to get on house plants. But I think it might also be able to thrive on an outdoor plant in the right conditions.
    This is something you will be able to spray to treat or use a systemic insecticide on if it is.
    It is just a suggestion to look up the signs and symptoms, as I am not sure it is.
    Also to check if your plant is dying can you gently scrape a little bark off and see if it looks dead inside or if there is green healthy stem under it.
    If you are not sure how it should look them do a little bit on the healthy one so you can note how it should look.

    Good Luck.

  • d4go2ud4go2u Posts: 12
    Yes i use rain water as my water is hard. My other plant is doing well exactly the same  size as it should be but this one just not happy at all .its an outdoor plant bought 3 years ago off qvc. As a small plant but its got bigger.always in the rain . Thankyou for your suggestions  ill see what happens.
  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053
    Has it always looked like this or has it thrived in the past? Are there drainage holes in the pot? and if so, are they blocked?
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  • d4go2ud4go2u Posts: 12
    Yes there are drainage holes in the pot. my mom kept them in thesepots so i did.  .last year they were fantastic . But this one perhaps  didnt want to be moved .my dad didnt want them as he was moving in with his brother so i couldnt bare them to be thrown away but i have only basics on know how to care for these.
  • RubytooRubytoo Posts: 1,307
    Anyone else care to comment on the leaf speckling...
    As there are two and one is okay I think the cultural conditions are the same. So it leaves a disease or insect vector attacking the second one.

    It appears that d4go2u has treated them the same with same cultural conditions.
    One is healthy and one is poorly....

    Chlorosis /iron deficiency is leaf veins being green but the rest of the leaf yellowing?
    Apologies if I have got it wrong.
    The ailing plant has leaf speckling.

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