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Update on Greenhouse progress

  • Up date on progress of Greenhouse. The Greenhouse it's self arrived last Monday the 17th. I have been clearing everything out of the shed ready for it to come down. Son and I finished the clearing today. Then this morning we set to and took down the shed then removed broken shed to tip. We have to make flat the area so the GH can go onto it, it will be and all concrete base as that area get very wet nothing grows there. So below are some pictures of what we did today. The shed was 10 x 6 as will be the GH but we want to extend the base all round.

    With shed down we can see what is under there. Roof felt still to be remove.

     What a relief it all went in.

    So we are one third to the way of getting the greenhouse up. Son said if it doesn't rain on the 15th or 16th July the GH will be up Happy Bunny time  More updates as we progress.

    I posted all the above on and old thread then realise no one would know what is was.
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