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Talkback: How to grow early strawberries

I pot mine up every year but don't seem to get many strawberries of them. I put them out in the day but bring them in for the night. Would you suggest I keep them in the greenhouse all the time? Last year I put them in a hanging bag but didn't get much fruit so this year I will try your suggestion of a hanging basket and see if it's any better.

Lynn from Pinxton, Nottingham


  • I've used organic fertiliser from Bakker, they are great size this year.
  • Ive never grown anything before. Do i need to have more than one strawberry plant?
  • Haven't tried growing them in hanging baskets in the greenhouse before, maybe worth a try, but can I fit them in amonst the vine tomatos? I usually grow them in pots, the larger the pot, the more strawbs you'll get. I put mine on the racks that come with those mini greenhouses. I seems to work. You can paint shading on the greenhouse, and stick the rack near the door to let them get some air. I don't usually have any problem with bird in the greenhouse. And we have a lot of birds in the garden.
  • good advice, i have allready have 4 plants in a 16" basket with some sweet peas so i shall see how thay do

    thanks tony
  • Is the liquid from a wormery good to feed strawberries?
  • i have been in my tunnel and given strawberries a little water is this right or wrong
  • Today I have brought in 2 plants from the garden into the conservatory. Fingers crossed that I'll have early strawberries.

  • louaddlouadd Posts: 2
    please can someone help me I have never grown strawberries before and what do the suckers look like please .
  • MalcarMalcar Posts: 9
    You could use an old emulsion bucket or similar cleaned out and holes cut in the sides for the plants, drill small holes in the base for drainage, you should be able to cram in about 10 plants in a large bucket, 5 on top and 5 round the sides, treat it like a hanging basket, and don???t worry about the runners, you will recognize them easily enough as they are quick growing long stemmed shoots which produce mini strawberry plants at intervals along it???s length. Old plants I sometimes allow to produce runners when they come to the end of their productive life, peg these shoots into a pot of compost and they will root readily, make sure there are plenty of roots before cutting them off the parent plant, with luck you will have a new strawberry plant next year and more to the

    point, more strawberries!.
  • Jumbo56Jumbo56 Posts: 23

    To get an abundance of fruit you need to feed strawberries with high potash...don't know whether it will work at this time of year...I usually do it in September, then just use organic strawberry feed through the summer.  Get loads usually, and have grown in old washing up bowls strung up in trees and in the greenhouse, and strawberry tubs and strangely enough the ones that grow between the slabs on the patio are generally the best...the grandchildren walk on the plants and run their tractors and cars into them, but still they persist...they are like weeds.  I have to put fleece around them which I peg down with old fashioned hair pins, because Mrs. Blackbirds insists I was growing them for her, along with cherries.  I even put a full sized effigy of a hawk dangling from a tree close by, but that didn't work to deter her either!

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