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Wilting/Dying - Senecio "Angel Wings" Candicans

Two of these survived all winter but now wilting with leaves dying.  Were repotted and moved to a wall to keep in a drier location.     Bought a new plant and that's gone the same way.  Think it is in multi purpose compost.   Haven't checked recently for vine weavil but treated last year and heucheras next to seem ok.

Help much appreciated. 


  • I have been removing some dead leaves. 
  • Help mines turning green !!!
  • glasgowdanglasgowdan Posts: 632
    edited October 2019
    Cut the plants to the ground and put the pots in a shed for the winter. They'll spring to life next season with juicy new growth.

    I know this because I did it with mine!
  • i have the same problem with the plants wilting i have them in my lounge, i have been careful not to over water, mine look identical to richardmarkogden  whats is the problem/solution please
  • They have a death wish with me,I have taken and rooted seven cuttings this year hoping to over winter at least one, as happened last year!

    The mother plant,  has wilted and died over only a few days this happens every season.
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