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d4go2ud4go2u Posts: 12
Please help  my late moms plant has very brown leaves falling off looks dead.stem is shedding need to save it as it was my late mothers plant really upsetting. There where 2 of these the other one is growing new leaves so i no its doing well.   Had its compost changed same as the other .  Is there anything i could give it to bring it back to life .


  • RubytooRubytoo Posts: 1,323
    Sorry to hear you are having trouble. It is hardd when they mean something special.

    A few questions so others might be able to help, also if possible can you take some photos?
    An all over shot and a couple of close ups of leaves and  stems.

    Are they the same plant name and variety?

    Are they in the same position in sun or shade .

    Did the roots look okay when you changed the compost?

    Could the compoost have got too soggy and not dried out.
    Sometimes being too wet is worse than being too dry.

    Hope someone can help
    Good Luck.
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