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Star jasmine help!

Hi there, 

i bought a large large star jasmine from a garden centre. At first it seemed to settle well and had good new growth and flowers starting to appear. However the leaves have changed colour dramatically. 

Im worried that there’s something wrong. 

Could anyone advise? 



  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,699
    Is this plant grown in a container? Make sure the container is deep and wide enough, and planted in a loam-based compost. It looks a little stressed, normally associated with cold and windy weather.

    If you have had your plant for less than 3 months, I'm thinking the plant may have been grown in very protected surroundings, and it is trying to adapt to the 'real' environment, and this takes time. All new leaves usually start quite pale until they mature, and this can take up to 4 months. 
  • Hi, thanks for your reply. 

    Ive planted into the ground, we have had a lot of rain and it’s been very windy of late. But testing the soil it’s still fairly dry and cool about a fingers depth. 

    Was worried just with browning and spotty leaves appearing, as when planted about a month ago the leaves were lovely and green. 

    Hopefully like you say it’s adapting and not anything worse. 

    Thank you 
  • Helen P3Helen P3 Posts: 980
    Hi Paul, I too had one of my jasmines in a large pot, mainly in order to control its tendency to suffocate everything in my garden, AND my neighbours'.  For several years it did very well but then it started to look its age!  I fed it, watered it, spoke to it but to no avail; so, I binned it.  (I do have another doing fine in the ground.)
  • Ryan180680Ryan180680 Posts: 201

    Mine did the same and it started to look like it was dying work brown leaves. I was thinking it was a goner but I persevered. Eventually I could see new growth so I started cutting of the dead growth and now it looks like it's coming back to life. I also bought mine from a nursery and planted it in the ground and it started to happen immediately afterwards. I have been using a seaweed feed to give it back some nutrients too so this may have worked 
  • dappledshadedappledshade Posts: 982
    Ditto mine.
    I have three new ones and several of the older leaves are a bit russet in colour now, but there is still new growth coming through and the flowers are all opening.
  • Thanks All, 

    i’ll try a good feed, hopefully it’s nothing too drastic. 

    Fingers crossed 
  • I have several Star Jasmine in the garden and they're one of my favourite plants due to scent, colour and shape. I hope to eventually cover most of the uncovered fence in the garden with it. 
    I've been growing them now for about 6 years and I've had some really poorly plants in that time. Some of it has been down to location, some may be shock with transplanting of larger specimens and some due to soil type. 

    In 6 years I've yet to lose one completely. I had one 2 years ago that had appeared dead. All but 2 of the leaves had dropped so I cut it back to the 2 leaves, replanted it into a pot with some fresh soil and left it to grow. It grew a bit last year but not much but this year it is rampant. 

    Ive transplanted 2 8ft specimens this year and both have appeared to succumb to a bit of shock. It was difficult to water thoroughly prior to digging out due to the weight of the plant and rootball so that's probably a factor in it. They are however green to the tips under the bark and they're showing signs of new growth lower down the plant. 

    I fully expect these to pick up and provide a good show next year or at the worst the year after. I've got them growing well on every wall face even on a north facing wall. Everyone should have one in a garden as they work hard for their place.
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