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Wisteria hard prune

I have a 10 year old wisteria ( white flower variety?) growing over an arch with trellis either side of the arch . It’s very established now and beufiful when in flower but...... the arch has all but had it . The legs are now rotting out and it will probably only survive 1 more winter . My question is can I cut the wisteria right back to almost ground level when the times comes to replace the arch ? Will it re shoot from the base ? 
Thanks in advance 


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,092
    Depends on timing.   I'm not sure that mid season is the best time for a severe hack.   If it's 10 years old the stems are probably quite woody and may well hold themsleves up for the time it takes to remove the old arch and install a new one.

    However, if you do it in late January/early Feb at the time of the usual winter prune it should be fine.
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