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Help please

madacres1madacres1 Posts: 4
Hello everyone.

An elderly neighbour has this magnificent tree in his garden and would like help identifying it.  Apparently it flowers white in June and fades to pink at the tips later.  He thinks it might be Chinese.

The tree is about 7m tall.  My first guess was a dogwood of some sort but I'm not sure.

Any help would be much appreciated.



  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 11,429
    I think it is a cornus. Possibly Cornus Capitata ?
  • OmoriOmori Posts: 1,673
    Chinese Dogwood aka Cornus kousa?
  • Silver surferSilver surfer Posts: 4,448
    Cornus capitata is evergreen...rather rare in UK.
    Cornus kousa is deciduous...more common in UK...therefore more likely this one.
    Perthshire. SCOTLAND .
  • madacres1madacres1 Posts: 4
    Thank you all very much!
  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053
    Another vote for Cornus kousa - I have the pink one and it is magnificent. 
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  • madacres1madacres1 Posts: 4
    Thanks Hogweed.  Here's a better picture of this one.

  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,695
    Looks like Cornus kousa chinensis. Mine looks just like that.
  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,695
    Cornus kousa chinensis in background. About 25 years old. It was a stick when I planted it.

  • madacres1madacres1 Posts: 4
    It's lovely.  Many thanks fidgetbones.
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