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Planting Ideas Please?

Hello, My friend is replacing her bathroom and the new sink she received had a small, superficial scratch near the tap hole so the manufactuer is sending her another sink. Meanwhile, she has given me the unwanted sink as I was hoping to use it somehow instead of putting it in the skip. 
The sink bowl itself is 50x35x15 centimetres. Would it be possible to make a mini pond out of this? Are there any pond plants that would be small enough to work in this space? Otherwise, does anyone have any suggestions as to how else I could use this item in the garden?
Thank you.


  • CeresCeres Posts: 1,823
    It is possible to make mini ponds using containers although 15 cm sound a bit shallow.
    I think I would use it as a planter for alpines or things like creeping thyme.

  • mrtjformanmrtjforman Posts: 302
    no good as a pond but would be quite suitable as a bird bath. 
  • Thank you Ceres. I'll look into an alpine planting scheme. Thank you for the link.

    Mrtjforman, I like the idea of turning the sink into a bird bath. How would I block the large drain hole to stop all the water from running out though? I'll look into this further.
  • Does the sink have a plug that would prevent the water from escaping, or perhaps you could purchase one to fit @SwanLake
  • Guernsey Donkey2 Nope, no plug, but I'll measure the hole and see if I can buy a plug this week. I love the idea of creating a birdbath. The one I currently have seems to have a crack (although I can't see where) as it constantly drips.  I recenly planted several shrubs with berries which the birds seem to be enjoying so a birdbath that holds its water would likely be greatly appreciated, especially now with the temps rising. :)
  • I am sure it will be well used, providing there is a clear flight path for the birds to use/leave the sink, with some low planting around the sink, and an exit for any hedgehogs that use the sink - perhaps a large stone or pebble placed in the sink for them as sinks are slippery and often too steep for little creatures.  Clean and replace the water 2 or 3 times a week too and keep it topped up in dry periods.  Post some pictures of the visitors to the sink if you can @SwanLake
  • Thanks Guernsey Donkey2. I seem to be having trouble finding a plug that will fit. Any ideas? I hadn't thought of visiting hedgehogs. Would be lovely to see a few.
  • hogweedhogweed Central ScotlandPosts: 3,975
    If it's a new sink will the supplier not have plugs to fit??? or what was your friend going to do!!!
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  • It is a brand new sink, still in the wrapping. Not sure what she was planning to do with regards to the plug situation. She might have kept the plug to use with the replacement sink. I have found a plug that is just a bit too small, but someone has suggested silicon might help so I shall explore that idea tomorrow.
    I found this link from the RSPB quite useful and it might help others interested in creating a small pond/bird bath.

    I'm hoping to finish this project by the weekend and will post photos of the final piece.

  • A very helpful article, and I see they suggest using Silicon glue to fit a tap - it is worth trying, then after waiting recommended time for the sealant to set add a little water and monitor the level over 24 hours.
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