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Clematis Nelly Moser Group 2/ Akebia has spotty stems/Thank-you

1. I bought a Nelly Moser clematis last year as I thought they were easy to look after and had plenty of flowers. It only had 3 or 4 flower buds on when I bought it but they flowered. I pruned it by the group 2 book as soon as the flowers died. This year it hasn't had a single bud!!! It is in a large terracotta pot and looks really healthy. What have I done wrong? How do I get it to flower please??

2. My Akebia, which swamps the trellises in my front garden has no physical signs of ailing leaves or flowers but when pruning after flowering I noticed that all the main stems and trunk are covered in what look like white spots. Panicking I have chopped it down to ground level in case it it a nasty disease that will kill all my other plants nearby.! A new leaf has appeared and looks completely healthy so do Akebia stems always have spots?

3. Thank-you. Your very quick response to my Wisteria in a tall chimney has saved its life! Now happily in the ground on a trellis in the front garden which is sunny in the afternoon.

Amethyst Falls

Amethyst Falls


  • Joy*Joy* Posts: 571
    Perhaps you were too ruthless and cut off too much. Overpruning  will cause fewer flowers. 
  • Thanks.More than likely!! but for once I only snipped lightly as instructed on Group 2 instructions. Cheers
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  • LG_LG_ Posts: 4,299
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    I have a Nelly Moser which was here when we moved in. She has had a year off flowering now and then, and one year didn't appear above ground at all! I can't explain exactly why, though there was building work near her roots the summer before the non-appearance, which probably explains that one.
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  • DaveGreigDaveGreig Posts: 158
    I tend to leave mine alone if possible and it’s always covered in flowers. I just wish they lasted longer. It seems to like a light mulch of well rotted horse manure occasionally.
  • Yes, I believe that Clematis are a bit fickle! My most successful Clematis is Broughton Star , which has lasted 18 yrs so far, even after the landscapers exposed her roots!!!The flowers are both single & double medium pink. Thanks for you reply. I am halfway through trying to sort Nelly out! Cutting to next pair of healthy buds. I think I have realised over the years that every plant has its own Life-span and they keep us guessing as to what that might be.
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