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Hi all!

First of all I would like to say that maybe it is not the correct category, in fact actually I already “designed” my garden even if I think that the whole process of designing is always ongoing.

So, I’m writing to you from Bologna, northern Italy. Here the temperature reaches a maximum of 40 C’ in the summer and a minimum of -8 in the winter, so it is not a very quiet weather.

Ok stop talking nonsense, I would like to show you some pictures of my garden, which is situated inside an apartment building. 

As a fence I choose photinia Red Robin for the most of it, prunus laurocerasus for one side and trachelospermum jasminoides for the smallest side. I also decided to plant rustic seeds for the lawn and plant some trees: a liquidambar, a red prunus, a carpinus betulus pyramidalis which is original from this region, a ligustrum lucidum, and a Magnolia soulangeana.

What do you think? Any suggestions?




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    Welcome to the forum.
    I can't advise on planting for where you live but it looks good.
    The only thing I would suggest is to clear the grass from around the trees. Make a wide circle or square and top dress with a mulch of some kind keeping it slightly away from the trunk, this will help conserve moisture.They will obviously need watering well for the first 2 seasons,  in this country it's around 2 gallons per tree twice a week for our average summer so you could sink a pipe into the ground so the water gets to the roots.
    Also the supports are too high, halfway up the trunk is best as this allows the tree to move and grow a stronger root system.
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    And clearing the grass also helps the trees grow quicker. My friend's neighbour planted the same tree from the same nursery, same position, same planting treatment (my friend planted both) and the only difference was the neighbour allowed the grass to grow right up against the tree. My friend had a clear circle round hers and hers grew at about twice the rate of her neighbour's. 
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  • BaobabBaobab Bologna, northern ItalyPosts: 6
    Thanks for your suggestions.
    It could be good, especially because the grass over there it’s quite hard to mow with the trunk, the sustains and everything. 

    The pipe for each tree has already being put beneath the terrain, but it’s actually above the end of the trunk and it release drops of water for 40 minutes every two days.

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