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Kumquat tree dying - help!

Hello all- brand new member here. I’ve recently started a potted garden on my balcony so will hopefully be learning plenty from you all as I slowly kill everything...

First up is my kumquat tree. I’ve had it for a year and it seemed to be doing really well. It fruited this year! But it’s been slowly dropping leaves and now is turning brown and I’m terrified it’s dying. Pictures attached. 

Any ideas what the problem could be? The pot doesn’t have any drainage but I did put a layer of pebbles in as crocking. And it’s been fine for a year like I say!

help me save it- it’s my favourite!



  • CeresCeres Posts: 1,871
    If it's going brown then it is probably beyond help. The lack of drainiage in the pot could be a factor as the roots could have been sitting in very damp soil and may have started to rot. If the soil smells unpleasant that would indicate a problem with waterlogged soil.
  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,195
    You are correct, no drainage holes in your pot is the main issue here. You need to change pots or drill holes in them. You need to line the base of the pot with stones or similar to make sure no water sits around the bottom of the pot and then have the pots raised off the ground in the winter time. Balconies can be windy places, so I'm not sure your plant will do that well in that position. 
  • Hey guys. So I’ve repotted it and drilled drainage holes in the bottom of the pot. Also put some polystyrene crocking in. But it’s still leaf dropping like mad and leaves are turning brown. Any ideas??

    Ive brought it inside too but my flat is very warm, especially in this London heat...


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