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Pink Cranesbill

SheleenSheleen Posts: 51
I have the most wonderful pink cranesbill geranium growing freely in my garden. Every time a clump gets too big, I split it and share it all over my small garden. I have always waited until mid- to late June to prune them back very hard, so that they flower again and remain bushy. This year, they seem to have flowered so much earlier and are getting quite 'leggy' already - and I'm wondering if its too late to cut them back now? Its a very old variety - the previous owner of the house grew them and so they could be from an original planting that is at least 30 years old. The petals have just started to fall, so looking a bit straggly - but still blooming and filling my garden with pinky loveliness :)


  • They are fine to cut back now, and still time for them to flower again late summer. Chop them back and apply a slow release fertiliser, I use a Rose fertiliser on mine,and they will soon be back in bloom.
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