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Weed or Plant ?

I had a whole bunch of packets of seeds that my Mum gave me and most of them I know what they are. However, I just can't find the packet that goes with these. For all I know they could be weeds but I've been searching high and low for something that looks like it but have no success. Anyone on here any ideas ? Am I carefully nurturing weeds. Thanks :)


  • Could it be a bedding dahlia?
  • Could it be a bedding dahlia?
    It is a possibility. I have grown dahlias from seed before. I'll have to be patient and see how they turn out. Thanks for the suggestion. The one one in the picture is the most advanced in growth, I have a ton of them in pots but all a lot smaller. On the plus side, I used old pots and my own compost so if they are some kind of weed they cost me nothing LOL 
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