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Propagating perovskia

SR298SR298 Posts: 31
Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any experience/success propagating Perovskia blue spire from cuttings.  I’m learning at the moment so any advice would be much appreciated.  I took semi-hardwood (so not green fresh growth - but very slightly woody) cuttings in summer last year, around the same time as taking cuttings of Hydrangeas. I placed these at the edge of pots that had a gritty compost mix, in a big clear plastic box, that I opened regularly for air circulation and also misted with a sprayer if the compost looked dry, it was placed in a bright spot outside - away from any direct sunlight. Out of the 15 hydrangea cuttings I had 11 that rooted but not a single one from the 15 or so  perovskia cuttings. Most of the cuttings withered and lost all their leaves, some got a bit mouldy, and it was safe to say that it was a bit of a disaster. Is there anything that I could do to help me propagate it. The plant I have is about 6-7 years old now and I would like to make a few more of it. 


  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 9,985
    I took cuttings of my Perovskia Little Spire a few years ago and about 50% took.
    I used the same method as you with one exception, I just left them in my sunny cold frame and tried to make sure they didn't dry out
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  • SR298SR298 Posts: 31
    Thank you, I’ll try again in a few weeks and maybe I’ll have a bit more success this year.  
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