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I took cuttnigs from Dahlia tubers earlier in the year, and these have taken well and seem healthy plants, but as yet no sign of any flowers. I was wondering if anyone could advise what to do next? Will these overwinter indoors perhaps and flower next year?



  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,678

    Are they in pots or in the ground?

    There is still time. dahlias flower until the first frost.

  • BiljeBilje Posts: 740

    hi first post!

    my dahlia cuttings taken in the spring were eventually planted into the border about 5 weeks ago. They are just starting to flower whereas the parent tubers have been flowering for weeks. If yours are still in pots or even if planted out keep them well watered and feed with tomato food. I'm sure they will flower. If potted cut them back Novemberish dry off and store as you would ground grown plants. Hope this helps.

  • Hi thanks both,

    yes they are potted, have been feeding with tomato feed along with the other flower pots so hopefully they will get there, I'll be patient 


  • hi i have a large ammount of dahlia from cuttings and they havent flowerd yet but i have cut them down to 1 inch above the soil surface it seems a shame to loos the flowers but they will form tubers for next year and dig them up 3 days after first frost cause they are frost tender 

    i grow a stunning dahlia called  mary jomanda it is a ball dahlia deep red i have grew it sinse last year a stunning dahlia

  • I googled mary jomanda, spetacular image


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