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Last year I bought my first aeonium called “bing thing” at Wisley.  I’ve kept it alive over winter but I’m so confused about watering.  How much, how often.  Ditto feeding.  I’ve variously read don’t let it dry out, don’t overwater it.  Dont keep it in full sun - my head is spinning.  I had been watering when top of compost seemed dry but then read that “little and often” was not good either.  It’s presently in a 10cm terracotta pot indoors.  The compost has perlite mixed in.  I’m about to go away for a week - should I water before I go?  It hasn’t been watered for a week now and seems very dry.  Grateful for any advice.


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,671
    Give it a good watering, but let it drain. It should then be OK for a week so long as it is not in direct sunlight and not standing in water.
  • pugslovesunpugslovesun Posts: 298
    Hi, I have a Black Zwartkop that I grew from a cutting. I usually have it outside during the summer months, which would normally be now but as it is raining so much it's going in and outside a bit. I live in the north and high up but put it outside my front door which is south facing but has a wall that means its a bit more sheltered. It overwintered in a friends cool porch that was north facing and went green but has now gone back to its black colour which is quite typical.
    I agree with Fidgetbones water it, let it drain and don't leave standing in water.
  • Thanks both for the great advice.   I will water and let it drain before I go in a week’s time.  But should I water it today as the compost seems dry?  Should a good watering (letting it drain) once a week be enough?
    Does it need feeding?
  • wild edgeswild edges Posts: 9,347
    Do you keep it indoors all the time or does it go outside? The main thing with succulents is to get the soil right and then they're a lot more tolerant of over-watering and other problems. Aeoniums are pretty easy to care for as long as you don't leave them cold and wet. I think people can be too cautious with the watering in the summer. They grow quite quickly and have fairly large leaves so they need more water than you think and a specialist liquid feed will really help them too.
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  • It hasn’t been outside since I got it.  I was thinking I might leave it out when I go away.  It will be able to drain freely if it rains.  It will also be out of direct sunlight.  I’ll try it with some cactus feed.  I used the suggested compost mixed with perlite when I put it in the terracotta pot last year.
    Thanks for your help Wild edges.
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