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I have quite a large Calethea, unfortunately I can’t decide if I have overwatered it or if it is getting too much light as the tips have turned brown. What should I do to remedy this and should I cut the tips of the leaves? 


  • RubytooRubytoo On the sofa, Southerly aspect.Posts: 1,287
    Tip it out of the pot, is there a good root system?
    If it is brown or mushy and the compost is soggy,  then too much water.
    I think they are happier with shade, so if it has been sat in or near a sunny window or bearing in mind the carp weather, too near a radiator if it's been on, then too warm or sunburned.

    Cutting the leaf tips off just looks naff, sorry not being rude.
    Been there and done that with prayer plants years ago. I gave up I felt so bad :D

    Look at Wild Edges posts they mentioned a plant that need similar conditions the other day. Sorry forgot what it is but
    @wild edges cooee
  • wild edgeswild edges The north west of south east WalesPosts: 7,505
    When you say it's large did you buy it as a large plant or have you grown it to that size? Any idea what type you have as some as fussier than others? I generally don't bother cutting tips off leaves as the plant should make new leaves fairly rapidly and you can cut the whole of the old leave off when it's been replaced. They're not the easiest of plants to care for. They seem to like a stable environment with no sunlight but moderate light levels. Don't use tap water for it as they don't seem to like the chemicals but they do need regular feeding when they're growing.
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