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Hi all
My husband surprised me today with tickets for the flower show at Tatton park. I'm absolutely delighted and can't wait to go. I've never been to any flower show before so don't really know what to expect. Had a look online but I was wondering if anyone had any hints and tips for us to make the most of our day there. Anything in particular we should look out for? Book workshops/talks early or on the day? Anything to avoid?? We will be taking our 2 boys with us too, aged 12 and 9. Our budget wont be huge but i am planning on buying 1 or 2 plants, when hubby is looking...a dozen or so more when he's not haha! Are the plants reasonable or overpriced? Any info more than welcomed! Thank you


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    Wear comfortable shoes and clothes in layers because it can be either baking hot or very wet.  Refreshments can be expensive for 4 for a whole day so make sure you each have a backpack with a picnic and a drink and a bin bag to sit on if you can't find dry seats.

    Make sure your camera batteries are fully charged and memory is empty.  

    Book any workshops and talks in advance if you can as places get taken quickly. 

    It's easy to be carried away in front of all those beauties and spend too much or buy unsuitable plants.   Remember, you can take details of plants and nurseries you like so you don't have to feel you need to buy "in the moment".  Talk to the growers in the floral marquee about their plants and the conditions they like so you don't buy plants that won't like your garden.  You can always visit the nurseries another day or order online once you've checked your plant facts.
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    Hello Erica, l'm sure you will have a great time ! :) 
    Comfy shoes, and layers of clothing so you can alter them if you get too hot/cold. Last time l went to Tatton (some years ago) it absolutely chucked it down, l don't think l'd ever been so soaked. Hopefully this year will be better ! I would take plenty of cash, if you're only planning on buying a few plants (and we've all said that !) , smaller denomination notes and 1 or 2 pound coins are useful. Most of the nurseries supply plastic bags, but if you can take larger ones it makes stuff easier to carry. You can buy food and drink,  but you may prefer to take a picnic.
    If you can get there fairly early, l'd advise visiting the Floral Marquee first, as it can get quite crowded.  If you're planning on staying all day, maybe leave it until after lunch, things seem to start thinning out then. If you do end up with loads to carry, make use of the plant creche,  it's a very efficient system. 
    More advice on the RHS website here
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    Brilliant tips, thank you. I would never have thought about a bin bag to sit on and taking our own food and drink is a v good idea. 
    I'm actually dreading buying the plants as I am a bit of an impulse buyer when it comes to them so you are right to point out restraint needed. Are there any lockers or anywhere they allow you to keep bag/purchases to save carrying them around? I understand it can be quite a walk to the car parks? 
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    Thanks @AnniD our posts crossed and you answered what in was asking! Great there's a plant creche...wish there was a husband and kids one too haha! 
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    It opens at 10am, but do most arrive early to queue or Are we ok to arrive 9.30ish? 

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    Hi Erica, 9.30 would be fine if you don't mind queuing ,a lot of people do arrive early. Sometimes they will open a bit early if they think things are building up, but if there's someone doing the official opening, then 10am it will be.
    Another thing , if you get a show guide, it's worth finding a quiet corner to just have a quick look at the layout on the site. If you want to be really organised you can order one in advance and plan your moves !
  • Getting away from the site is difficult during the afternoon rush hour on weekday as the surrounding roads are very congested.
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    That's a really good idea @AnniD . I'll get online now and order one. I'm really excited for the show. Cheers Alan, we have tickets for the Saturday. Is the traffic as bad then too? We won't be in a rush to get home but i dont want to waste our day getting there if traffic as bad in the morning. Would rather arrive early and wait. Is parking up quick or slow?
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    Apologies @Ericaheather , l may have misled you, l had a look on the RHS website, and although it says you can order a show guide in advance,  it then says "collect at show only". They are probably trying to save costs. There is a phone number, maybe you could try giving them a call.
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    Oh that's a shame, but yes I'll try and give them a call, thank you for all your help :smile:
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