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What desease is this?


I was wondering if anyone can advise what this disease is on my pear tree(s). It is a bit hard to see and take a picture hence why I tried against a white background. I will try and take another picture if required. To me it looks like "fire blight" am I correct?

If it is, is the best thing to dig up and start again and if so can I plant another pear tree in its place?

Many thanks


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700
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    It's difficult to advise based on the photos. Any issues with blossoms, the trunk and branches? Any oozing of liquid, black tips, dead stems that snap off? Fireblight is a possibility. Is the tree young? You mention dig up and start again. Sometimes, frost damage can also look like that.

    In some cases, Fireblight can be pruned out if caught early. Maybe post another picture so others can offer their opinions. 
  • PianoPhilPianoPhil Posts: 8
    Ok thanks will send another image when I next go outside. I've not seen any oozing. Trying to think about the blossoms. Will take another look. Thanks for the response.
  • PianoPhilPianoPhil Posts: 8

    I've looked some more and taken some pictures. I cannot see any oozing. The blossoms this year weren't brilliant, but then from my memory even the apple trees blooms weren't great this year.

    Looking tonight and it makes me wonder the damage seems to be around branches I pruned earlier in the year. Could it be frost damage?

    Many thanks for your thoughts.

  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700
    Thanks for posting further photos. The leaves in your recent pictures look good to me. I agree that there is some die-back on some branches, but nothing too serious at the moment. You can tackle those again in winter or early spring. It's looking more likely wind burn or frost damage.

    However, at this stage, it is still quite difficult to judge on whether your tree has Fireblight, so keep a close eye on leaves and branches throughout the year. If you see branches with dried leaves in clusters dying back, you need to prune quite far back to control it.
  • PerkiPerki Posts: 2,420
    I suspect you may have Apple Canker on some of your branches ( the bottom pic far left branch behind looks  like it may be infected and possible the one infront but its not clear enough  ) it can affect pears as well but not as common. 
  • PianoPhilPianoPhil Posts: 8
    Hi, Many thanks for your thoughts and glad it may not be Fireblight. Will trim and keep and eye on it. I do believe I might have Apple Canker - I know an Apple tree I have in the garden does have it. I do need to sort it out. This is the first house we have with a substantial garden and there is a lot to learn...
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