Not Trusting Moisture Metres!

I have 2 identical metres and use them daily but now question their readings.  By inserting the full length (7 ins deep) the readings said 8/10 which is into the blue 'wet' zone.  However, by trowelling out the compost to that depth found it barely moist.  Has anyone any comments as to whether this is normal? 


  • B3B3 Posts: 11,400
    Your finger is the best moisture meter. Poke it in the soil. If it feels cool and damp, there's enough moisture. If it feels warm and dry, there isn't.
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  • OldcompostOldcompost Posts: 165
    B3:  Thanks for your note.  I did push fingers right down and it felt between very slightly damp and dry.  May as well leave alone as things look really healthy at present (there are hundreds of yellow flowers amongst those 6 tomato plants).
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