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I have found beige, black and now bright green

Friend or foe. Has anyone found the colour slugs as I have in the garden. Two inches long and bright green by torch light last night. Can someone tell me what the good guys, leopard slugs look like please. I have a sneaky feeling the green slugs are full of my bright green foliage! Val


  • louiseburkettlouiseburkett CheltenhamPosts: 10
    I have seen slugs this colour too in my garden in Cheltenham and once in 2016 on a really rainy day a long milky white / yellowy one. Bleurgh!
  • josusa47josusa47 Posts: 3,531
    Could it be that God created slugs so that every other creature could feel beautiful and useful?  He must have been moving in a more than usually mysterious way that day.
  • Thank you for your Input. Seems they are ordinary foliage munching pets which I will dispatch when I see them again. Not the new sensation I thought they may be. Val 
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