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Please help identify this plant

Hello! I live near what was once a grand estate that had a rather large Japanese garden. Found this plant in the bushes the other day, was wondering if any of you folk could help me identify her? Many thanks in advance


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,699
    I'm guessing based on the habit on the branches, maybe a type of Rhododendron.
  • Very likely, as there are hundreds of Rhoddie varieties here. Rhododendron r falconeri, perhaps? The underside of the leaf is light brown
  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 36,199
    I agree with @Borderline. It could be either R. macabeanum or R. sinogrande.
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  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,696
    R. macabeanum has a brown felted underside to large long leaves.
  • Plot75Plot75 Posts: 69
    A Loquat? aka Japanese Medlar?
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