Terrified to prune philadelphus



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    @Fairygirl Not flowered so far and to be honest it hardly ever does anything! Pic2 shows a few buds. In all the time I have had it it has never done much. 
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    Good morning @Meomye ... sorry, got distracted yesterday ... there is a Phil ‘aurea’ which has lighter foliage, but that has a real golden hue which I don’t see on yours, although that may be due to the light conditions when taking the photo.

     I’d give it a good feed with Fish, Blood & Bone now and maybe a bit more in August, watering in well, and some Clematis feed next spring. I find that can often give all sorts of reluctant shrubs a bit of a boost. 

    But if you still don’t get a decent display of deliciously scented blooms next year I’d dig it out, replenish the soil and get a new one ... Lemoinei is one of my favourites  ... very free flowering and a wonderful scent. 


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  • MeomyeMeomye Posts: 526
    @Dovefromabove thanks Dove, Lemoinei looks lovely. Will give mine a feed and see what happens but quite frankly I am so fed up with waiting for it to do something every year I might try and replace it next year.  
  • To be honest, if it’s only 2 years old does it need pruning? I have 3 philadelphus they are about 12 years old. As they are very established I prune after flowering.

    First  I take out ( cut off ) 1/3 of the oldest branches  ( that shoot from the base of the plant ) to about 1 foot high, then I just lightly trim the remaining to improve the shape of the plant.  That’s it, the branches will shoot at the base and refresh the bush with new grown. I didn’t even think about pruning them until they were about 8 years old. 
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