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Sick birds of paradise

I have been having problems with my bird of paradise. I’ve had it for about 2 years now and the leaves have always been slightly curled. It seemed to be doing worse in the past 3 months, so I repotted it but don’t see any improvements! Now I notice one of the leaves is browning. I use the correct soil, plant food and it sits by a SW facing window. I water it every week to 10 days in the bathtub. I’d greatly appreciate any advice or help! 


  • Older leaves discolouration is not a problem as this happens within the life cycle of the plant, if it’s young/newer leaves then it’s probably an over watering issue, do you allow the soil to dry between watering? sometimes 7-10 days is not enough to allow to plant to dry out. The other problem it could be is that you’re over fertilising. I would look at watering first.

    I would suggest that that the curling of the leave was due to the plant needing repotting, if the plant was root bound then this reduces the plants ability to take in essential nutrients causing the plant leaf to then curl. 

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