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Might anyone know what's wrong with my tetrapanax - a few leaves have gone like this  - I've cut them off and then a few more have gone. Otherwise it looks healthy.


  • treehugger80treehugger80 Posts: 1,923
    it looks like cold damage (as opposed to frost damage) early on some plants can be damaged by temps below 5 degrees, particularly large leave plants
  • Earlier in the season as the leaves came through, some other leaves (at a smaller stage) went a bit like this and I took those off.  I don't think it was so cold though - I live in south-east London, and we have not had very low temperatures this winter, or early spring.  At the time, I had been watering and wondered if I had overwatered it.  After I took the first ones off, things were looking good until I noticed 3 leaves with markings like this.  I have taken them all off. and it probably has 4 or 5 other leaves which are normal.
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