New laurel hedge

hi, I planted these laurel plants at the end of March, a lot look a bit withered and different colours, a few have leaves going white, are they ok?


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    I think that they are still settling in Jason. I do not see anything to worry about just yet.We have had a lot of heavy winds recently and they are probably the culprits in making you laurels look a bit battered. I would gently clear away the nettles and other various weeds from around your laurels as they will compete for water and nutrients. Remember to water well and do not apply any fertiliser. Mulch well around the plants keeping the trunks clear.
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    Totally agree with @Ladybird4 ... remove the weeds, water well in dry spell, mulch  and don’t worry about them ... they’re doing fine 😊 
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    Many thanks Ladybird4 and Dovefromabove you have put my mind at rest about them!
    I am new to gardening and not sure what to look for, when it has been warm i have been using two metal watering cans of water for about 50 laurel plants every few days, is this enough or do you think they require more watering than that?

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    I would think you need more.  It is better to water a lot but less frequently than give them a teaspoon each every day.  It your can holds 10 litres I’d say you need quarter to half a can once a week per plant if very dry.  If you’re giving each one a small glass full then it encourage roots to stay at the surface rather than go downwards. 
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    Thanks Helix, I'm definitely not watering enough then, I think when i see the soil wet then thats enough but I suppose its not even getting to the roots very well.
    Thanks again for your replies and I will make sure I do what you have advised. :) 
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