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Hi folks. In our forrest we are lucky enough to have blankets of bluebells. They have all lost their flowers now and there are green seed pods on the stems. I’m just wondering when is the right time to collect them up to promote growth in new areas and how this would be done? Is it a simple case of dropping them where you want them or should they be racked into the ground or buried. I’d like to start them growing on the other side of the stream where there aren’t any.


  • GardenGrower11GardenGrower11 EnglandPosts: 305
    When the bluebell stems have dried out and hollow, there are lots of small black seeds in the heads which you can collect. 

    You could then spread the seeds direct in the areas you want them, or try and establish some plants in pots from the collected seeds. Which you could then plant where you wanted.

    But I think it takes quite a long time for the seeds to form bulbs and then eventually new plants and flowers. If you have plenty, and they're already growing fairly densely close together, then you could also lift some of the existing bulbs and relocate them. That way you would see some much quicker results on the other side of the stream.
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