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Is this lucky bamboo?

Does anyone know what type of indoor plant this is? 

I was recently given it with hope that I could revive it a little. I thought it it was lucky bamboo but then it has bloomed so now I'm not sure. 

Any thoughts?


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,695
    It is a Dendrobium  orchid, It would normally have flowers all the way up the stem. It needs well drained orchid compost, do not let it stand in water.
  • I just googled images and wow! What a difference, plus I would have never thought it to be an orchid. Thank you very much! ☺️🙏🏽

    Off to read a little more ..
  • mrtjformanmrtjforman Posts: 331
    they are practically giving them away at IKEA at the moment. I really didn't want to buy any more but when I saw a whole shelf full looking a bit poorly I thought I'd rescue some. After bringing them home they actually seem to be in pretty good shape.

    At 50p a plant I had to pick up a couple 

  • Joy*Joy* Posts: 571
    They look like orchids to me. 
  • mrtjformanmrtjforman Posts: 331
    they are. Dendrobium Nobile orchids. I know this post is a month old but I'd never seen a nobile orchid bloom before this post so thought I'd dig it up as I remember looking up the price online and it was £24 from online nurseries, now a whole shelf full for 50p at Ikea lol
  • I saw a whole bunch blooming at a garden centre last weekend and was shocked at their height and beauty. Not sure if the one I inherited above will bloom again, giving it a little while in a new pot and fresh soil to see, otherwise I may have to call time! 
  • mrtjformanmrtjforman Posts: 331
    hey forest, my two have just finished flowering for this year but hopefully we'll get some blooms again next year. I have done some research and we are meant to stick it outdoors once the temperatures start to drop, then leave it outdoors for 1 month while temps are between 10-20 celcius. Once it drops below 10 degrees C bring it back indoors and we should get more blooms next year.

    They are orchids and the coconut fiber mine are planted in will not last till next year and the roots could start to rot so I bought some orchid bark mix from homebase to repot them end of the year which they should prefer.
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